Personal Music Trainer!

The title of “121 Coaching” is a not often associated with music learning, but in this instance it is very apt. With any of the Hotwired 121 lesson plans, you will not only get an organised path of learning involving the same methodology as found in the Hotwired Group Experiences,  but also a motivated music coach whose energy and passion will be focused only on you. The 121 experiences are truly unique as Mat is a one of a kind coach and you are therefore assured of maximum benefit.

“It would be an insult to call Mat a music teacher. He is a master educator, a brilliant musician, a powerful motivator and an inspiring coach…. a wise, wise man.”.Gareth Jones - Hotwired Freeform

Great Coaching Sessions as and when you need them

Hotwired’s 121 coaching style is always tailored to the individual. The aim is always to maximise the potential of the individual by building a solid foundation of musical insight and positive psychology towards one’s development with a clear path to follow.

 Any Hotwired 121 plan can be extended via top up sessions as and when required.

100% Individual Focus

  • Different lesson plans to suit your lifestyle
  • A module based platform can be incorporated to test performance and creative techniques
  • Individual assignments that are designed to enable a broad compositional palette
  • Progress at your own pace – there is never any unnecessary pressure, just encouragement
  • Improve your keyboard chops under the watchful eye of Mat McKinley
  • Personal analysis on the techniques for Mat’s own improvisations and compositions
  • Strong practice strategies that work and continue working – so long as you do!
  • Advanced creative tools that you can use straight away, even from your first session
  • Work on connecting to your imagination – one of the most important ingredients for music

Available 121 Plans and Booking

Choose your ideal personal learning programme to suit your lifestyle and individual needs.

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