Arrangement Workshop

An arrangement is a reworking, or an adaptation, of a musical piece for a solo instrument or a combination of instruments.

This workshop will show you how to:

1. Create suitable harmony for an existing melodic idea.

2. Reshape the harmony by exploring other possible chord forms – close and distantly related.

3. Change the harmonic rhythm to create impact.

4. Alter the style completely whilst allowing the melody to be the only recognisable element from the original example.

5. “Colour Co-ordinate” – Mix and match different “musical colours”.

Workshop Content

  • How to find the right chords to support an existing melody
  • Musical Colour charts – according to key signature
  • Scale Bases
    • The important numbers for creating strong harmony
    • The numeral system – the different functions
    • Common tones – stringing chords together
  • Changing the accompaniment – altering the emotion
    • Harmonically – looking at different forms of harmonic colour
      • Instrument characteristics
      • Chord voicings and textures
      • Register
    • Rhythmically – changing the energy
      • Altering the harmonic rhythm
      • Changing the meter
      • Tempo Changes
    • Dynamically – using stronger forms of contrast
  • Changing the style – exploring different styles of accompaniment

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