Can I Really Be Great At Music?

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1. Sowing Your Seeds! Plant a seed in flat fertile ground that receives plenty of sunlight, rain and shelter from strong wind, then the seed should grow tall, straight and strong. If you plant the same seed on an escarpment exposed to ravaging winds, without much sun and water, the seed will probably grow, but it will end up being … Read More

A Modulating Holiday!

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Modulation – the process of changing key centre (key signature) The other day I was talking with an intermediate student of mine who was debating how to go about changing key and what key should he move to. He was too concerned with the “preconceived expectation” according to a specific genre. This is a common point of angst. My view … Read More


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Breaks (and I don’t mean break beats) are those little pockets of time during a monotonous work day where one can briefly recharge their batteries. In a musical environment, where monotony is hopefully a redundant word, breaks are also important but for a different reason. The invigorating experience of a productive workflow in the studio encourages us to continue working … Read More

Connecting to Creativity

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  This “food for thought” blog has turned into a “food for thought” blook! So, thanks to those who make it to the end. :-D. Science is still a long way off being able to fully understand what makes someone creative or how strong levels of creativity can be accessed at will, if indeed they even can. We can all … Read More

Gear Lust

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We are undoubtedly living in a great technological age in respect of what is on offer, especially to musicians. With a PC, some software and a midi keyboard, one can practically create any sound imaginable, or recreate the illusion that one is listening to real performances of other instruments that are in fact created synthetically (multi-sampled or modelled instruments played … Read More


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Here are some common falsehoods that people use to stop themselves either from starting to learn to play an instrument, or from continuing to learn and improve. I’m too old You are never too old so long as you have desire and passion. These are the two most important ingredients for learning anything. Desire creates the ambition to “want” to … Read More