CMP Experience - The Content

All of the content below is presented in a fun and exhilarating way.  Cool cognitive techniques are paired with specific group games and challenges which really help to a) accelerate learning b) cement the information and c) provide a stimulating and inspired atmosphere.

Day One

I really enjoyed the course and thought with all your knowledge combined into the pack its worth every penny! It was so great to see such a pro at work and the fact you designed the books makes it all the more exciting. You really knew what you were talking about, so I have full faith in every page turned which is a great drive.Ben Jacobs

Pitch (Nature's Influence)

  • The Harmonic Series - how it works and how it affects our music writing
  • The fundamental concepts of music and how it is put together
  • Painting with Sound
    • Looking at a Visual versus Aural Aspect
  • Intervals - Why, What, How and Where!
  • Ear Training Tips
    • Develop a better perception of pitch

Scales (History, Theory and Practicality)

  • Scales and their step patterns - a global outlook from traditional western scales to exotic eastern scales
    • you will be able to play the most important scales anywhere on a piano/keyboard
    • you will be able to work out the modes of the major scale anywhere on the keyboard
    • you will understand the individual characteristics of scales and modes, their cultural background and suitability for creating specific styles of music
    • you will learn about relative scales and parallel keys
    • you will learn proper keyboard technique and fingering patterns
    • you will learn the three steps for efficient practice and fast progress including how to use scale mapping
  • The 5 most important scales in song-writing
Informative and inspiring; full of excellent ideas for the composing process. Robbie Wills

Rhythm (Playing With Time)

  • Effective Rhythm Training - Beat Boxes
    • you will be able to create cool rhythmic patterns suitable for: motifs, melodies, riffs and bass lines
  • Time Signatures
    • you will understand how time signatures work
  • Tempi
    • you will understand the function of different tempo related topics
  • Basic Notation
    • you will have a clear understanding of the stave, treble and bass clefs and pitch positions
  • Bass Programming
    • The groove scales - cool templates that provide the right vocabulary for creating amazing bass lines
    • Cheat formulas - short cuts for greater simplicity
  • Drum Programming
    • Real-time techniques and rudiments
    • Real-time drum programming also benefits your keyboard technique - better hand coordination and finger independence
    • Step-time - how to create totally original drum tracks

Day Two

This course takes the technical and complex ideas behind music composition and presents it in an easy to understand format. Excellent course if you are a beginner or an advanced composer. Fergal Dunne

Chords (History, Theory and Practicality)

  • Drones, Dyads and Triads - a build up to Tertian Harmony
    • you will be able to play all four triads in any key
    • you will be able to play inversions of all triads in any key anywhere on the keyboard
  • Extending triads - The important 7th chords
  • Added chords - Adding colour to triads and 7th chords
  • Extending triads - 9th, 11th and 13th chords
    • you will be able to build wonderful harmonic colours in any key
  • Easy voicing techniques - from close to open - changing root perception - doubling
    • you will be able to create many different versions of the same chord
  • Slash chords and Sus chords
  • Arpeggios and creative chord use
  • Music terminology - symbols and naming rights!
I especially enjoyed Mat’s unconventional approach to teaching music theory. He can really make it understandable to someone with NO prior knowledge at all.Julian Horn

Effective Piano Techniques (for Key Creativity)

  • Basic Harmonic paths - simple chord progressions
  • Numerals - how the system works
    • you will be able to easily write chord sympathetic chord progressions
    • you will know how to make the chords seamlessly flow into one another
  • Building simple melodies over chord progressions
  • Harmonic Rhythm
  • Left and right hand independence
  • Tips and tricks for kick starting ideas on the keyboard

What Else? (There's More!)

  • You will be taught an Efficient Practice Plan
  • You will be able to formulate a clear path ahead incorporating an action plan of what you must do to progress

What can you expect after the experience?

  • To really enjoy your music learning as you will have a solid foundation on which to build
  • You will have more confidence in your ability to craft ideas into something meaningful
  • You will possess a stronger sense of rhythm with an ear for added lyricism in your music
  • To SMILE BROADLY knowing that you have learned a lot in a very short space of time AND IT ALL MAKES TOTAL SENSE

REMEMBER: The most important experience information is backed up in the included workbook with specific "Evaluators" for fast track memorising.


All of THIS in TWO days? How will I not be confused?

Don't worry! Everything is explained in a way that is very understandable. 

Want to go even further?

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