This is the ideal experience for Adventurous Beginners

The Composition For The Modern Producer Experience (CMP), like the Foundations Experience, is a perfect entry into the world of music. This experience  incorporates the same theory as found in the Foundations Experience, but with additional elements. A bit more of a challenge! It uses the same exhilarating cognitive techniques and pioneering learning systems developed by Mat McKinley which enable a totally unique perspective of music theory, as well as a good understanding of it!

You will be shown the most important elements to really get you going creatively as well as powerful practice mechanisms that will enhance your visual and spatial awareness on the piano/keyboard. You will be INSPIRED by the dynamic presentation and MOTIVATED into wanting to continue learning long after the experience has finished.

“I have learnt more in the past 2 days than I have in the last 4 years in school. I feel really inspired. I can go out there and create music from having no musical experience before. Vibrant and exciting to say the least!”.Andy Shepherd


The CMP Experience does not require any previous training. However, knowing the letter names of the white keys will be beneficial!

The CMP Experience takes place in SSR London’s Mac Suite which is situated in Camden Town.

This is a 2 day classroom experience like no other!

Hi Tech Classroom

  • Unravel the misconception about scales
  • Learn the 5 most important scales used for song writing
  • Learn how to build any type of chord on the piano
  • Learn how to make the same chord sound totally different
  • Gain a better understanding of melody and harmony
  • Pick up some great creative drum programming tips
  • Learn how to create “groove” in your music
  • Have a clear understanding of basic rhythm
  • Attain valuable creative tools that you can use straight away
  • Learn proper keyboard technique
  • Improve your coordination and fine motor skill
  • Enjoy plenty of “Light-bulb” moments
  • Bulldoze those barriers to unlock your potential
  • Go home with a brilliant workbook

What is covered on the CMP Experience?

Get the must have creative tools in order to produce the music that you hear in your head.

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When is this Experience happening?

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