Concepts Experience – The Content

This week end experience is jammed packed with effective learning tools, motivating presentation and inspiring demonstration.  Well rounded cognitive techniques are used within group games and challenges to help grasp particular aspects of each day. These work in tandem with the “fill-out” sections of the work book to ensure that you have a strong reference to maintain the important elements of each concept.

The purpose of this experience is to “open your eyes and ears”. Ultimately, music is an art form, but it is often portrayed as being complex and difficult to master. Overwhelming is a word that often describes the effect on people who are learning it.

The Concepts Experience will prove the opposite – Music in its purest form is uncomplicated – it comes from within. If you look back through history you will find evidence of its existence throughout man’s development and much of it was “unschooled”.  Many students fear music theory and certain disciplines of practical training. Their previous training has not allowed them to embrace music i.e. to internalise it – it has become externalised and thus they end up being doers of music – To really connect with the seat of your musical power you must become the music i.e. you are merely a vehicle for its expression.

Day One

Concept 1 – Perception

  • A complete reprogramming of the mind in relation to how we think about music.
  • String theory and the Harmonic Series
  • Hemisphere Lateralisation
  • Subconscious persuasion
  • Visual versus Aural
  • Association and Assumption
  • The Driving Mechanism
  • The three sides to the compositional process – Theoretical, Practical and Emotional
  • Rational versus Irrational – maths, philosophy and psychology
  • The Anything Concept – (interconnecting harmony)
  • Linguistic comparisons
  • The Power of Intonation
  • Confidence builders and block releasers
  • Building a new emotional platform
  • Motivator and Instigator
  • The “quiet mind”
  •  The creation of short and long term goals.

Concept 2 – Conception

  • Harmonic and Melodic hierarchies
  • Vocabulary
  • The 10 Important scales
  • Chord scales
  • Organised and Disorganised Harmonic Mechanisms – A New Paradigm
  • Voicing – The new order
  • Anchors
  • Substitutions
  • Numerals and Functions
    • Harmonic Layers
  • Atonality → Tonality
    • Bitonality
  • Coloured Compositional Templates
    • Melodic and harmonic
  • Mirroring
  • The “Scale” Sandwich
  • Re-harmonisation
    • Relatives – Harmonising a melody
  • Melodically embellishing a harmonic progression
  • Exercise – Magic 48

There are plenty of little “top up” exercises that get incorporated throughout the day

Day Two

Concept 3 – Articulation

  • The delivery of information
  • Mechanism 1 – Movement within the scale form – scale tones and non scale tones
    • Bass leading
    • Numerals
  • Mechanism 2 – Anchors and 12 tone equality
  • Mechanism 3 – Rhythmic Movement – techniques for the “musician within”
    • Time signature exercises and counting
    • Binary and Ternary
    • Implicit versus Complicit
    • Made to measure (playing with time)
  • Rhythm techniques
    • Groove and performance emulation
    • Expression, phrasing, dynamics and movement
  • Mechanism 4 – Patterns and Intervals
    • Melodic creation
      • Riffs, motifs, ostinatos and “lines”
      • melodic voice leading
      • Phrasing and punctuation
      • Keyboard and piano playing techniques
  • Tone Continuity
  • Intervals and Contour
    • Steps, skips and leaps
  • Numeral Progression and Functions
    • Magic chord formulas
    • Randomisation
  • Modulation
    • Tone Zones
    • Cadences

Concept 4 – Manipulation

  • The combining of the previous 3 concepts
  • The Ultimate Sculpture
    • Form, Balance, Contrast and Structure
  • Generating freedom exercises
  • Improvisation
    • Ornaments and Embellishments
    • Gadgets for Improvisation
  •  Time Management – final run through (how to progress using what you have learned)
  • 20 Minute Practice Routines

Immense Learning

After scouring the content above, you are forgiven if it appears a little overwhelming, but rest assured, the individual components that make up each concept combine seamlessly due to an extremely clear and engaging presentation.

Yes, there is a lot to take in, but the experience will be a pleasurable one and the workbook will back up the entire 2 days.

Push yourself and you will be rewarded

If you are still unsure, please see the testimonials page. Even though the Concepts Experience is new, the content is based on 20 years of teaching experience and 27 years of experience working professionally in the music industry.

What can you expect after the experience?

  • To approach writing and performing music in a far more intuitive manner
  • To witness a greater connection between your theoretical and practical knowledge
  • To take your overall musicality to a much higher level
  • To increase your sense of spontaneity and creative flow
  • To enhance your rhythmic interplay between left and right hands (for improvisation and performance writing)
  • To be able to create vastly different colours and forms of harmonic  movement
  • To create a far more interesting relationship between melody and harmony
  • To inject a stronger rhythmical interest into your compositions and performance
  • To search deeper into your core to connect with your true “music” voice – you will seek more to innovate rather than assimilate

Absolute Progress

So much of what we do and achieve in life is down to us and the decisions we take according to the beliefs that we have. Music is no different. If your own belief system is wrong, or negative, then the results will most probably not be very favourable. A specific mindset will determine specific outcomes regardless of one’s environment. Many people throughout history have overcome enormous odds despite a negative environment. One’s own core beliefs are vital if success is to be achieved.

The Concepts Experience shows you what to focus on to make positive personal changes in order to achieve the results you desire.