Drum Programming Workshop

Drum Programming is one of the most fun elements in music production. Not only that, it is extremely beneficial as part of one’s rhythmical and technical development.

This workshop is not focused on any one particular style. It provides a general overview of “percussive” creativity which can then be applied to any genre.

1. It will teach you a lot about “rhythmic sense” – the interplay of different components and rhythmic layering.

2. It will improve your piano/keyboard technique in relation to developing strong finger independence.

3. It will benefit your co-ordination – hand communication (through assigning specific percussive duties to individual fingers of each hand).

4. It will put the fun back into rhythm learning.

Workshop Content

  • The importance of Pulse and how it works
    • Dividing it up
    • Working with the inner metronome
    • Being able to count!
    • Coordination exercises
  • How to create great “live” and “realistic” sounding drum performances
  • How to “Groove”
  • How to interact with the bass guitar
  • Space to breathe
  • Creative programming techniques
    • Thinking outside of the drum box
  • Group exercises

Real time Drum Programming

  • Thinking like a drummer
  • Key mapping
  • Finger techniques to emulate real drum rudiments – ultra realism
  • Hand Coordination exercises
  • Patterns – the three elements
    • Tempo, pattern, sounds
    • The fundamental differences between styles
  • Half time – Double time – altering the perception
    • Increasing and reducing energy – subdividing the beat
  • Different Time Signatures
  • Accents
  • Displacing the beat
  • Fills
  • Polyrhythms
  • Live demos using a variety of virtual acoustic and electronic drum kits

Step Time Drum Programming

  • Creation of patterns
    • Number crunching
    • Super Loopers
    • Bespoke beats
  • “Art Conversion” – visually dominated patterns
  • Soundscapes
    • Layering, panning and depth – (NSEW) north, south, east and west
    • Drama in Drums – creating compelling and dynamic rhythm sequences
  • Plug-ins – discussion on the type of plugs used for creating some of the demos
  • Recording your own samples to create new soundscapes
  • Producing Cracking beats – LIVE
    • Creative Processing

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