Hotwired Modules are a series of specialised technique planners and evaluation tests which run parallel in level to the ABRSM graded system.
However there is a big difference. There is no official certification and there are no prerequisite sight reading tests or piano pieces to learn (you can learn specific piano pieces upon request which are graded in difficulty and are all composed by Mat McKinley).

A Systematic Structure

The purpose of the modules is to provide a systematic structure to one’s learning and to act as a means of measuring the progress made.
The modules are “graded” 1 – 8 with various sub categories representing different elements within each level. The modules incorporate technical disciplines such as:
  • The performance of many different of types of scale form, chord voicing and  rhythmical patterns with varying degrees of difficulty.
  • There are aural aptitude tests which measure the recognition of rhythm patterns and pitch relationships.
  • There also modules relating to creativity - these include specific composition projects and spontaneous improvisation tests.
  • The modules are designed to be fun, challenging and rewarding - they also inject extra incentive into the learning path.
  • Tests for the modules are taken whenever the student feels ready. One is never rushed according to a time frame.