Group Experiences will offer you Tips, Tricks and Insights not found anywhere else.

Hotwired’s group experiences are unique. Their purpose is to transform your thinking in relation to music and how you listen to it, perform it and write it. Every element of each experience has been carefully crafted, tried and tested with overwhelmingly successful results. By turning the traditional concept of music on its head, you will explore a new path of imaginative music learning that is fun, practical and extremely inspiring.
The Experiences build a strong platform from which you will continue to learn and develop using your new found musical insights.

“Alchemea are proud to have been working in partnership with Mat for 18 years. His lectures are an invaluable addition to our Diploma course. His unique interactive teaching methods ensure that students quickly grasp the fundamentals of music composition and theory. His dynamic and friendly personality means that classes are intensive but also good fun. Mat’s books are a must for anyone with an interest in making music”.Mike Sinnott - Fac Manager at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (London) - ex Director of Alchemea College of Audio Engineering

A Good Dose of Music

Getting creative through music can be as good for you as all of your gym classes, healthy eating regimes and mental agility exercises put together. It has been scientifically proven that direct involvement with music specifically benefits emotional and physical well being.

All experiences deliver very high levels of  passion and motivation

Elements of philosophy, psychology, science and maths are incorporated into compact formulas that utilize both traditional and innovative music methodology and exclusive cognitive learning techniques. Experiences are fast learning accelerators.

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