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I have always thought that trying to categorise one’s musical experience into beginner, intermediate or advanced levels is rather too “straight-jacketed”. Part of human nature is to makes assumptions and when we try to measure our own experience/level to fit the categories of beginner, intermediate or advanced, our assumptions are often inaccurate.
For example, one person could be very strong at sight reading, but much weaker at composing, while someone else could be a great improviser without being able to read a note of music. Some have a good knowledge of theory but have no idea how to utilise it creatively.
The principle of Hotwired is to reprogram your philosophy and spontaneous reactions to music; to show you how to make the maximum creative use of the tools at your disposal and as your knowledge base grows, then so will your musical potential.

The Foundations Experience does not require any previous training or experience, but if you have had some, it will certainly help. This Experience starts from scratch to “cleanse” your thinking and eradicate negative past experiences.

The Concepts Experience most definitely requires previous experience. Please refer to The Evaluator.

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