This is the ideal experience for Intermediate/Advanced

The Concepts Experience comprises 4 fundamental concepts that will change how you approach writing and playing music forever. The content of this experience is revolutionary. Using contemporary techniques devised by Mat McKinley, you will be guided through various sequences that will help trigger a natural sense of creativity and inquisitiveness whilst learning specific theoretical applications. You will discover new musical devices and mechanisms that, whilst relating to traditional theory, will open your mind and ears to alternative ways of organising the tones at your disposal.

Great Coaching Session

This is not just a music learning experience; it’s an inspiring coaching session which will broaden your path towards positive and effective change.
The Concepts Experience will allow you to feel an immediate sense of accomplishment – you may find that you will learn more in just a few hours than you have managed in a few years of previous learning experiences.

“I’m a self-taught composer and I’ve been playing guitar, keyboards and drums for the past 11 years and have dreaded every music theory lesson I’ve ever had because I found it so boring and irrelevant and none of it ever stuck with me. Mat has taught me more theory in less than 15 hours than I learned in over a decade, in a way in which everything makes sense and follows logical patterns and sequences. He definitely has created a unique method of teaching that is practical, fun and interesting and I will not be surprised when he revolutionises how music is taught in schools, much like Jamie Oliver did with food, raising an entire generation of keen and creative musicians. Thanks Mat!”.Cem Serter


You should have a minimum level equivalent to Grade 5 in both theory and piano performance.

The Concepts Experience takes place in an iconic studio in the heart of London.

“Mat should be seen as a major influence to all music schools in terms of teaching methods. Everything he says just flows into your brain; even some advanced techniques that you would think will take years to understand. Personally I’ve tried to keep myself away from music school rules and doing things in a specific way. Mat was a bridge to me, a bridge to improve all the theory and technique while leaving my creativity and musical freedom untouched. Thank you Mat”Mike Costa

This experience should only be undertaken if you can correctly answer all of the Evaluator questions and meet the necessary requirements as highlighted in the Evaluator.

Come and share a truly enlightening experience with us!

Weekend Of Discovery

  • Revolutionise your thinking with 4 fundamental concepts
  • Get super advanced creative tools
  • Discover powerful mind mapping techniques
  • Harmonise and build upon your current theoretical knowledge
  • Learn how to write advanced sounding chord progressions
  • Improve your musical compositions and arrangements
  • Improve your keyboard and performance skills
  • Learn about the powerful psychological aspects of music
  • Improve your overall musicianship
  • Discover cognitive techniques that will enhance your capabilities
  • Create and define your short and long term music objectives

What is covered on the Concepts Experience?

You will obtain a fresh new outlook along with the tools to create very engaging music.

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