This is the ideal experience for Beginners

The Foundations Experience will be unlike any other you will have encountered before. It’s a perfect entry into the world of music. Right from the outset you will be absorbed into a methodology that will enhance your understanding of the theory involved, and which will boost your confidence in terms of knowing how to use it creatively. Using exhilarating cognitive techniques and pioneering learning systems developed by Mat McKinley, you will readily embrace a totally unique perspective of music theory!

You will also be shown immensely powerful practice mechanisms that will allow you to have a fantastic visual and spatial awareness on the piano/keyboard whilst increasing your physical technique and mental responsiveness. You will be shown how to boost your aural and creative capacities too. You will be INSPIRED by the dynamic presentation and MOTIVATED into wanting to continue learning long after the experience has finished. You will be given immense self belief.

“Absolutely Brilliant. Everything is made simple and delivered with real passion”.Tim Wheeler


The Foundations Experience does not require any previous training. However, knowing the letter names of the white keys will be beneficial!

The Foundations Experience currently offers a choice of two different locations: a beautiful private recording studio not far from the beach in Brighton or a West London commercial studio.

This is a 1 day experience you’ll never forget!


Total Inspiration

  • Unravel the misconception about scales
  • Learn the 5 most important scales used for song writing
  • Learn how to build any type of chord on the piano
  • Have a clear understanding of basic rhythm values and notation
  • Learn proper keyboard technique
  • Attain valuable creative tools that you can use straight away
  • Improve your coordination and fine motor skill
  • Follow a practice plan that “really” works
  • Greatly increase your self confidence
  • Learn how to “plug-in” to your imagination
  • Enjoy plenty of “Light-bulb” moments
  • Bulldoze those barriers to unlock your potential
  • Go home with a brilliant workbook

What is covered on the Foundations Experience?

You will own a brand new tool box comprising great musical short-cuts, techniques and trickery.

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When Is This Experience Happening?

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Where Is This Experience Happening?

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