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The Hotwired Music Production Pack is a brilliant learning tool. It is best described as being the essential Modern Composer’s, Programmer’s and Producer’s resource in terms of providing all of the tips, tricks and know-how for working creatively with music.

The HMPP is a pack that is designed to keep you learning, improving and stimulated for many years to come. There will be new additional supplements available in the future making it a truly modular musical and educational experience. The material is the work of Mat McKinley and is based on his personal self learning experiences which make it very accessible to all of those who are “self learners”.

This is what I had been looking for for years. A complete music learning tool – I feel I have made so much progress in a relatively short time. Learning like this is soooo much better then Youtube :-), Many, many thanks Mat for the great writingPaul Whitehead

 The Hotwired Music Production Pack is not available anywhere else apart from on this website.


Wonderful! Worth every penny.Suzannah Warren


The Hotwired Music Production Pack

The Hotwired pack can be beneficial to everyone; from those who have never played an instrument before, to those who already have a good technical (performance) level.

The purpose of this pack is to make you look at music from a different viewpoint, through a system of learning that is very straight forward and simple to understand. It covers all of the areas which are important in developing ones musicality, expanding the musical brain and widening the boundaries of the ear.

What’s in the Pack?

The Hotwired Music Production Pack

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How will the Pack help you?

  • You will have an amazing resource of compositional models and short cuts
  • You will learn how to coordinate different scale and chord forms
  • See how to make great drum beats that are 100% original for any style
  • Learn about great melody writing and super strong chord progressions
  • Discover the art of arrangement and harmony
  • Strengthen your rhythm section and the relationship between drums and bass guitar
  • You will learn about the art of improvisation
  • Discover the amazing power of counterpoint and countless modulation tricks
  • Learn how to read music – easily!

Something Worth Noting!

The Hotwired Music Production Pack (which is not provided as part of the Experiences but is available as a separate purchase) supports and elaborates on all of the subjects covered on both the Foundations Experience and Concepts Experience. The pack is advantageous, especially for beginner and intermediate levels, as it greatly assists in one’s practice and long term development at home.

Buy it Now

You should buy the pack if the following points score highly with you.

You are looking for great theoretical content
You want a step by step system that is easy to use
You have always wanted to be more creative
You are as keen as mustard to improve
You are willing to meet the challenge when it gets tough
You want to develop at your own pace

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