121 Plans

There are many disciplines in music learning which can be horrendously off-putting if tackled the wrong way, or tremendously exciting if shown the right way. Mastering any subject is a challenge, but the challenge will ultimately be rewarding if it is embraced with understanding and commitment. If you are fully involved, your progress will be rapid.

If you are uncertain about the suitability of any plan, it is best to have a chat with Mat first so you can discuss your prior experience and current requirements, objectives and future aspirations – these will serve as a guide as to what your session(s) will entail.

Hotwired 100

1 Day Immersive Session – Beginner to Intermediate

Enrol on a brilliant day of mind reprogramming (altering the perception of learning music) that will install the right mechanisms to maximise all of the insights that will be shared during the day.

Great practice techniques and a continuance map are devised to plot a clear path of development for the 3MS.  (Hotwired Music Production pack included)

The 3MS

Mind – adaptive psychology (positive functioning and absorption of material, including visual mapping and mind mapping –  programming powerful “hyperlinks” between one’s perception, conception, articulation and spontaneous abilities – liberating creativity)

Mechanics – the body (posture, technique, muscle memory)

Musicality – the ear (aural ability – developing a rich and expressive faculty)

Spirit – creating your own voice (musical intuition – becoming unaware of your physicality and connecting to your emotional self – developing the freedom to let technique take care of itself and act purely as a mode of transport for the ideas that flow internally)

  • You will discover a new perspective of music along with the theory behind it – the theory relates to all of the most important elements that serve musical creativity – scale, chord and rhythmical mapping.
  • You will acquire techniques on how to “trigger” creativity.
  • You will never look at playing the piano/keyboard the same way again. EVER. You will be transformed!
  • You will leave feeling extremely positive about how to progress musically as you will have a definite plan of action which covers both the short and long term.
  • You will leave feeling amazed at how much you have learned in one day!
  • The included Hotwired Music Production Pack will serve as the basis for your theoretical learning after the session.

Price: £650

Hotwired 100

A brilliant 1 day personal coaching session including the Hotwired Music Production pack.

 Subjects that can be included into any of the Hotwired 121 plans are:

Melodic Development, Harmonic Development, Rhythm Development, Creative Drum Programming, Song-writing techniques, Compositional Devices and Structures, Modulation, Direction and Contrast, Arrangement – alternative voicing, instrument assignment and stylistic effect, Improvisation – freedom of form (from Classical to free Jazz), Instrument performance emulation.

  • Musicality and musicianship is incorporated into every session
  • Piano technique is incorporated into every session. This includes mind and visual mapping as well as physical mapping (muscle memory, posture and finger/hand/arm techniques)
  • Aural training is always included regardless of session type
  • Challenges of perception are always an integral part of every session
  • Our mind can be our strongest ally or our worst enemy. You will be conditioned to “connect” positively!

Hotwired 200

2 Day Immersive Session – Beginner to Intermediate

Hotwired 200 is based on the same principles as Hotwired 100 but with an extra day for deeper personal coaching.

More time will be spent on techniques relating to composition. It is important to remember that the context of music creation manipulates the same fundamentals, but each genre manipulates them in slightly different ways.

You will realise how to translate and incorporate these fundamentals into your chosen style. You will probably find that you will also be motivated to embrace styles that you couldn’t, or wouldn’t, before!

Price: £1010

Hotwired 200

A fantastic 2 day personal coaching session including the Hotwired Music Production pack.

Hotwired 15

Lesson Plan of 15 structured sessions – Beginner to Intermediate

Hotwired 15 is made up of 15 x 2 hour coaching sessions working through a well coordinated learning system. This has been designed from the ground up to have an immediate effect on the 3MS (see above)

  • Hotwired 15 is normally spaced out over a period of 8 – 12 months as there are many assignments and practice mechanism to go through
  • Modules can be incorporated into each session plan if desired (Click here to see Modules)

Price: £1,950

Call 020 7193 6465 to discuss or email info@hotwiredmusic.co.uk

Hotwired 8

Lesson Plan of 8 structured sessions – Beginner to Intermediate

Hotwired 8 is a more condensed version of Hotwired 15 and is spaced out over a period of 4 – 6 months

Price: £1,040

Call 020 7193 6465 to discuss or email info@hotwiredmusic.co.uk

Hotwired Freeform

Play as you go – Beginner to Advanced

Hotwired Free form is a Play as you go system tailored to the individual according to specific areas of desired learning. This could involve just a one off session or a series of sessions. Modules can also be incorporated if requested.

Price: £65ph

Call 020 7193 6465 to discuss or email info@hotwiredmusic.co.uk