What People Are Saying About Hotwired’s Courses

Here is a cross section of the many testimonials taken from various group classes and group experiences that Mat has held. You will find more specific testimonials on the other dedicated “experience/product” pages.

Extremely inspiring. I am amazed by how much knowledge this man has and the way he shares it with you. What’s better than a humble teacher that explains everything in a way that everybody understands! Nima Shams

Mat has a great way of explaining music theory that makes you feel very enthusiastic and inspired about something that seemed so dry and impossible when taught at school. Lora Hemy

Mat, I would like to thank you. I really wasn’t expecting the lessons we had to be as inspirational as they were. I feel really lucky to have studied with you and it has introduced a new perspective for me that I feel will be a foundation for my approach for years to come. It’s true that we’re schooled into believing many things to be unachievable or beyond our understanding, and so we give up on them before we start. This since my first years, the education system had really destroyed learning for me. I didn’t realise how much I enjoyed learning something new, being curious, and would always have been hesitant and insecure when it came to accepting I didn’t know something, I never felt excited by the thought of being clueless about a subject. This year at Alchemea, and to a large extent the classes I’ve had with you, have brought a sea change in my personality. I mean it to a great extent when I say Alchemea has been the best educational experience I’ve ever had, and it would have been seriously incomplete without your lessons. Hope to stay in touch in the future. Thank you for everything Mat, I wish you the best of luck with everything exciting to come. Rishi Bradoo

Not only a great lecturer – a fantastic musician. To have a lesson taught is one thing, but to see the potential for what I could do is inspiring. Kristina Kokkini

I’m a self-taught composer and I’ve been playing guitar, keyboards and drums for the past 11 years and have dreaded every music theory lesson I’ve ever had because I found it so boring and irrelevant and none of it ever stuck with me. Mat has taught me more theory in less than 15 hours than I learned in over a decade, in a way in which everything makes sense and follows logical patterns and sequences. He definitely has created a unique method of teaching that is practical, fun and interesting and I will not be surprised when he revolutionises how music is taught in schools, much like Jamie Oliver did with food, raising an entire generation of keen and creative musicians. Thanks Mat! Cem Serter 

Before coming to Alchemea I spent 4 years studying at Edinburgh university and attended hundreds of different lectures across a wide range of disciplines. The lectures with Mat have been the most informative and interesting I’ve ever been to. His innovative teaching and creative approach have helped me to grasp some of the more difficult musical concepts. Christian Cogley

We have used a lot of the techniques picked up in the theory class with Mat McKinley for our own writing. Harry Bass (Third Party)

Nothing else to say apart from BRILLIANT and INSPIRING! Pixie W

Superior theoretical knowledge with the chops to back it up, but more importantly, Mat has the teaching skill to get his ideas across quickly and clearly, and the desire for students to enjoy music as much as he does. Kelly Roberts

I really enjoyed music classes with Mat. They really leave you feeling inspired and feeling capable of expanding your musical ability. His approach to teaching has helped me grasp a lot of musical concepts that I had trouble with before. Geoffrey Wright

The series of music lectures were really awesome. Rather than feeling unmotivated to come into school, I felt quite eager to get back into the classroom to learn more, or understand a subject better. I feel a lot more comfortable with my knowledge and music creation skills. Very inspiring even to my girlfriend at home who I told everything to. She is a jazz singer. Perry Trollope

I’ve always had a passion for music and everything involved in the creation of it (writing, producing, arranging, recording, mixing etc.) but especially for writing, so I’ve tried several times to study music theory diligently on different instruments and at different times in my life but always ended up dropping because of lack of interest, and I’ve been forever wondering why I couldn’t get into music theory while loving writing music a lot.I started to study sound engineering/music production recently and when I almost had lost all faith in being capable in music theory I was pleasantly surprised with the music theory lessons by Mat McKinley to a point that I’m reconsidering my future professionally to a great extent. His lectures were amazing and what I’ve read of his books so far it’s amazing too. Julian Blanco Navarrete

Mat’s teaching was inspirational for me, the things he teaches is amazing, I can definitely apply what I’ve learnt for my productions and future projects. Jamie Dower (aka d King)

I have just finished a small set of music theory lectures with Mat. They have been incredibly useful and informative, tackling the main aspects of how music is put together. He is a very gifted communicator and has given concise and imaginative lectures. Above all however, I have learnt more about music theory in these short lectures than I have throughout my whole schooling. Highly recommended. Richard Harris

I have known Mat Mckinley for over 5 months in the capacity as my Music Theory Lecturer.
Mat has done a fantastic job in opening my eyes and ears to the subject of Music theory. His approach to teaching is inspiring and i always leave classes wanting to practice what i have learnt. I truly believe the approach Mat has in teaching Music will be beneficial for the new generation of musicians in the UK including myself. I have come from a non musically background and after attending Mat’s lectures i have decided to learn to play the piano and electric guitar.
I have no doubt that anyone that is lucky enough to have Mat tutor them will be more than pleased with his teaching methods and performance. Debbie Adebowale

Immediately after each class with Mat I went home to practice my keyboard chops and managed to write some amazing new material. He is a truly inspirational teacher. He has taught me to always push the boundaries when it comes to music. I believe that everyone who attends his class will come out as a better musician. I know that I did. Very inspirational. Moni Sigurdsson

Mat’s passion for the musical arts is evident with every finely honed and meticulously detailed lesson. His ability to communicate is astounding and he is quick to focus in on each individual’s ability and needs. His enthusiasm is contagious and it is impossible to leave his lesson uninspired. Rob Biddulph

Hi Mat, I’m writing to tell you that how much I’ve enjoyed your Music Theory lectures at Alchemea. Even though I’m involved in music since the early ages and took both classical piano and guitar lessons, I never got to understand the logic behind scales and chords. Thanks to your unique method of teaching, now I’m very comfortable with all types of chords and all scales and their modes. I really think that your method is more effective than classic learning methods and also unquestionably much more fun. I’m looking forward to the lectures in January and hopefully one-on-one lessons after that. Best regards, Josh Coskun Akmeric

I am so glad you talked about creative visualization techniques, I can relate better to what you were taking about now that I have been scoring this past week for a documentary for Save the Children USA regarding preschool.
Thanks for the inspirational pathfinder. Mark Baidya

“Hi Mat! Your lectures have been very inspiring to me, still trying to find all the time needed to work your great tips out for the benefit of my songs! Have a good weekend” Giulio Scimone

Mat, you are a very good instructor ! thanks for the classes at Alchemea. Vitor Vilela

Mat’s music lectures have changed my life and career forever. Innovative, fun and equipping the passionate producer with the keys to great music composition. Thank YOU. What makes the lectures special is Mat’s genuine style of teaching. Ngomi Afriqua Vere

I found Mat’s music theory lectures to be presented in a very accessible manner. All material covered followed a logical sequence and was easy to understand. Having been baffled by some music theory before, this was a refreshing change.
The thing that I will take with me is the inspirational way in which the material is presented. Motivational stuff – many thanks. Chris Catchpole

Mat is a lecturer really interested in making students understand the subjects. The lectures were really useful for my comprehension of music theory. Nice step forward. Very nice pal as well. Thomas Reichenheim

In all I spent 18 hours with Mat where he squeezed two years of music theory into that time. Mat has masses of energy, he is very driven, focused, and is an excellent mentor. After the short course I felt inspired and motivated to get busy creating music. I would recommend Mat’s short courses to anyone who wants to know anything about music. John Poole

Great way to spend three days. When I finished my lecture, all I wanted to do was get in front of my mac and start smashing out a tune. Very inspired and motivated (shit hot). Pete Miller

Really enjoyed the classes very much. Jimmy Lee

I think the ideas that Mat has put in my mind have help me a lot in order to play my ideas and achieve a way of working that works very much better. I hope everybody finds the course as interesting as me. Thank you very much. Antonio Munoz Soriano

Le cours avec Mat m’as ouvert les yeux sur la facon de composer de la musique avec un minimum de connaissance et tout ca par le biais de sa methode détendue et sympathique. Grace à son enseignement je peux dire que j’ai aquis un niveau plus elevé qu je ne l’espérais. Yashar Niazmand

Genuinely looked forward to Mat’s classes – I found myself appreciating songs I’d listened to hundreds of times all over again. Ross Allan

Mat’s lessons are fun and informative – something I can definitely take home and use in my own productions. Rachim Baloo

Vibrant and exciting lectures. They are very inspiring and helped me a lot to progress. Maurice Humeau

Extremely useful information about how to remember scales, modes and chords. Daniel Abela

Informative and inspiring; full of excellent ideas for the composing process. Robbie Wills

Brings the fun into what I had always thought was a dull subject….music theory. Most enjoyable and informative lessons. Tony “Big T” Garston

The lectures kept me interested for the whole time and also inspired me to go and get creating. I really enjoyed them and I’d recommend them to everyone interested in music and composition. Sam Doha

I really enjoyed Mat’s teaching because it’s very rare to find someone who’s actually excited about teaching and passes that onto you. John Jeffreys.

Molto chiaro, diretto, semplice, diversense, disponibile. Ha un qualcosa di geniale hentre suona il piano e crea musica. Non riesco a trovare dufetti. Well done. Mari Chiara Nicisoro

Mat’s teaching style is very effective, clear and concise. I feel I’ve gained some very useful knowledge to help develop my basic music skills and am well on my way to mastering the basic scales and chords on a keyboard – pretty damn good for three afternoon lectures.
Chris Dominey

I have really enjoyed these lectures. They have been very informative and interesting. Even though my mother is a college music teacher, I have learned a lot during these days about composition and what to listen for when trying to find chords. Thank you. Carl Ingler

Found the lectures very inspiring; made me look at music from a fresh, universal perspective as both musician and songwriter. It’s great to approach music teaching in such a relaxed, fun way. I am looking forward to the book. Sergio Dinis

The best experience I has so far, in learning music theory. I look at the whole subject now with less intimidation than before. Your approach made sense. Spiridon Fountas

Fantastic teacher, easy to learn techniques – gives results quickly. Inspiring. Alex Burns

Finally…someone’s come out with a teaching program that works for anyone no matter how “underground” you are. Oh… the bass programming CD track 21?…. “The Dogs” for you Hip Hop heads!! Joe Sutherland

Some of the tracks and teaching methods are just dandy! Calvin Keelan

Expands the musical thinking of the brain; enjoyed every part of it. Robert Muloch

“Ravishing” Simon Ward (DJ Nodi)

2 years of music theory in 3 days. Beat that! Inspiring and amazing teacher. Oli Wright

The most productive and interesting lessons I have had, perfect for anyone looking to get into music production. Gareth Harper

Thanks for the inspiration. Stuart Watson

Mat made me think in a totally different way about how to make music on a computer (out of the matrix editor and back onto the keyboard). I can’t recommend this course enough. Ed Thaw

Music theory hasn’t been clearer since Edison invented the light bulb. Hans – Kristian C. Pedersen

How do you turn a techno producer into a songwriter in 3 days? Learn with Hotwired. Simon Carter

Great teaching skills, learnt so much in such a small space of time. Edward Hoyland

I really enjoyed the course and thought with all your knowledge combined into the pack its worth every penny! It was so great to see such a pro at work and the fact you designed the books makes it all the more exciting. You really knew what you were talking about, so I have full faith in every page turned which is a great drive. Ben Jacobs

Thank you so much Mat. Jarrod Wright

Overall an excellent music course, easily the best I have been on to date. You managed to simplify the building blocks of theory very effectively and provide a sound base on which we can all approach the book pack. Keith Mills

I’m now understanding a lot about everything you said in the course – just wanted to thank you cause I’m going to be able to realise my dream which is making electronic music, but in a musical way. Well good luck with everything and congratulations, these books are just perfect. I would like to enrol on the next course you give. I think this is a great method, teacher and material. Thank you once again and see you later Mat. Berik Moretzsohn

Opened up my creative side. Warren Scott

This course takes the technical and complex ideas behind music composition and presents it in an easy to understand format. Excellent course if you are a beginner or an advanced composer. Fergal Dunne

Very intensive but well worth it. Great teaching explained in a dynamic and engaging way. Alan Cross

Great approach for all levels with something new and cool (for everyone). Tina Kumar

I learned how to make my music sound more interesting and fun ways of starting new ideas. Sunita Sagger

As skilled a teacher as he is a musician, classes were fun, fast and informative. I look forward to the next class. Greg Marriott

Hey Mat, thanks again for everything…….truly brilliant and inspiring. Wes Cook

A fantastic and original way of being taught music theory. After trying to understand the basic concepts behind theory for far too long, I have finally begun to grasp it and have thoroughly enjoyed Mat’s lectures. Dan Hopwood

Your lessons helped me A LOT. I am doing now some research on Eastern European Ethnic scales…..amazing. Looks like there are some deep roots in Persia!! He he who would think…Ben Blank

Really enjoyed the course. Ray Mathews

Until taking Mat’s class I found music theory to be confusing and boring. Now I feel that I have the tools and motivation to succeed within a professional music environment. Carlo Anderson

Mat’s groundbreaking and innovative systems/methods of teaching music theory, programming and composition are a real eye opener for the absolute beginner and the seasoned pro alike. An exciting and refreshing take on an essential but sometimes stuffy subject. Mat’s a legend. Duncan Mills

Fantastic lectures and lessons. Digesting common and advanced music theory became a piece of cake for me. I feel I understand chord structures and scales whereas before I had no music theory knowledge at all. Adam Wilkinson
It was an absolute privilege to be taught music theory by Mat. Within the space of a few days, I was introduced to a whole new world of composing, scales and chords, the music industry and the overall training of my ear. Everything was explained thoroughly with great detail providing a somewhat fantastic teaching/learning environment. Michael Necati

Mat’s approach to teaching is a refreshing change from a lot of the stuffy, dry methods employed by many music teachers. He manages to cover all of the same, theoretical ground (and much more besides) as in “classical” teaching whilst drawing on his vast experience to give further insight. He certainly inspired most of the class into very much a “yeah, I can do this”, positive mentality, and I have put into practise many of his tips and tricks when writing my own music. Rob Patterson

Excellent teacher, I’ve learnt a lot about music and Mat made learning that little bit easier, many thanks. Anthony Scott-Lee

Very nice course. Interesting and innovative. Thanks Pietro Vassura

Very well explained points of view on music theory that is easily transposed into programming, writing and even engineering. Fun, easy and relaxed way of learning. Mat is the man! Ed Sutton

Lovely stuff, learnt a lot over a short period. Everything explained really well, no mucking about! ENJOYABLE. Nick Sheldon

It was great being in a lesson taught by Mat, he’s a great teacher and very enthusiastic. He was especially beneficial for me as I had no prior experience of music theory. It was very enjoyable and I learnt so much whilst I had Mat as a teacher. Andres Montana

Really inspiring lectures. I enjoyed all of them and I learned pretty much; Thank you very much. Tom Edwards

I think you are a talented person in music so I learned lots of stuff of you and I hope to see you again. All the best. Emad Dejamkhooy

Unique style of teaching, energetic, enjoyable, challenging and inspiring. Well formulated syllabus – complete. Stephen Kyriacou

Mat’s lectures is such an intake of inspiration and knowledge that makes you rush out at the end of each one of those wonderful musical exposures to work on making music using creativity, a bit of technique and lots of passion. His understanding of how to pass the information on from beginners to advanced students is equally powerful as his talent. I wish I had more time in the company of such a great personality. Felipe Lacerda

Since I’m a kid I never liked music at all (that’s why I used to fail at it because I don’t like the literature). I have it since I’m 10 or 11 at school, but I knew there was something there that was telling me I like it. Your lessons gave me a new thought and perspective about music and how to enjoy it. I’m going to take more seriously from now on because it’s an essential fact I need to know to be successful in music production, engineering and go to the top of this industry. Alberto Perez

Inspiring, exciting, passion and musical chemistry. Andrew Kyprianou

I found that Mat’s classes opened my mind and ears to a way of working that I thought was unobtainable to me. His style of teaching has inspired me to work harder on developing my compositional techniques and my basic theory, which I used to find very boring. Carl Newell

Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent lectures at college, they were very much enjoyed. Excellent tutors are rare, but hey, we were privileged. Manuel Mera

I thought the course was really good, very complete and fun (which is important!). In some moments it was very “advanced” since it’s the first time I study music theory but now it’s up to me to read the books and let the imagination flow. Thanks a lot! Fernando Britto

Excellent course on all fronts. By the end of the first day I had learned more than experience has taught me in years. Presentation of the course was also first rate, highly motivating and inspirational. (came over especially from Ireland) Brian McGee

It is pretty amazing to find people that share the same thoughts, the same energy, the same vision of things. Never expected such kind of motivation. It’s all about jazz! Thank you. Nuno Oliveira

Probably the most intense course I have been on! As you said I have several years of further reading and practice to take away, but so many really useful techniques and ideas. This course has really helped to start to demystify the whole music composition process. You did a really good job of making “difficult” or seemingly difficult musical concepts easy to understand. Can’t wait to get started on the books. Andrew Rhodes

Musical examples and playing was very inspiring. I understood all the elements you talked about to a high level but this was something I had been seeking for a long time. A detailed book of everything you need to know. So I think it’s an awesome thing to have done and I’m glad its out there. Nick Able

Definitely helpful…..very important for the overall curriculum, really loved having music theory demystified and presented in an interesting way.  Thanks Erica Basnicki

Hi Matt, Listen I want to thank you for creating those books, they are an amazing collection, I sadly have only got the chance to start on the first book about scales, but you make the hard parts easy!! I am just so happy I have these book for life!!
Thanks once again for the books. Jason Smith

Mat’s course is full of musical magic that has taught me more than I learned in years of music lessons in just a weekend. Adam Awan

Having done weekly ½ hour keyboard lessons (6 lessons in total) and got a bit frustrated at my progress, I hoped this Hotwired course would “fast track” me to where I want to be without enduring 2 years of frustration! Having now got the theory, I need to ensure I put what I learnt into practice. Excellent course, strongly recommended. Brian Cuthbertson

Excellent course for introduce yourself to music. I will definitely benefit from these three days and all the learning materials I got from this course. Great! Thank you! Tamas Polyak

Excellent knowledge level. Inspirational. Enthusiastic delivery. Nigel Grimshaw-Jones

The weekend has been more clarifying than 3 years of traditional teaching and the material for own work is amazing! Thanks Mat Oscar Pablos Salazar

First of all, thank you for sharing the gist of your knowledge in three days what must have taken you years to accumulate. I think it is a service that you are doing to music itself. Thank you. For me, I have certainly learnt in these three days a lot more than what I have tried to learn for years, and all that I learnt from books and self study suddenly started to make a big logical sense. That was a eureka experience! The other great thing about this course was that you inspired all of us to push ourselves further and showed us how much more is yet to be learnt and achieved. Dr Anand Jothidasan

Mat McKinley’s lectures are like the champagne of music teaching: fresh, heady and they leave you wishing you could have them more often. Pauline Morgan

Very informative – vast depth of knowledge. Mark Morrish

Phenomenal teacher and artist, your course inspired me into learning keyboard and I discovered music theory is very fun! Best of luck in the future. Victor Mihailescu

It was a chill course. Mike Schwab

Great lessons, basics are good. Will be interested in the books and private lessons and hopefully collaborate at a later stage. Viraj Mohan

The lectures was my best lectures about music theory. Simple formulas will help me to keep them in my mind. Thanks……. Sinem Albal

I’m really proud to learn with this big genius of the keyboard. Very nice explanation on every step, and we feel ready for the next step…..That’s just me!!! Luis Amorim

Very good course. All things were explained very well as I’ve learnt in a week far more than 1 year. I always had problems with intervals and now it’s all clear. Mat is explaining very well and straight. Mihai Meirosu

Really good guy – a lot of knowledge to share and techniques that easy to learn and valuable/necessary to have in production and composition in music. Ben Graves

Mat’s lectures are very informative. He manages to teach you a lot in the time given, but at the same time making music theory seem so easy to get started with. Chris Holm

An inspirational few days. I’ve had a lot of new ideas whilst listening to Mat. Feargus Brickley

He is a musical genius. Words are too few to describe his work and ability towards music. One of the best teachers I have ever come across. His teaching style is very unique and his experience has helped us to learn music very quickly. I would recommend learning lessons on music from this musical genius. Ajay Sharma

Very passionate way of teaching – I got really good ideas – In the mood of keep on learning – Thanks a lot. Juan Blas Leal

Inspirational, but more importantly, easy to follow and understandable Leo Nathan

A fantastic approach to an often overwhelming subject. Jeff Prankev (DJ Dislexic)

Excellent course, really managed to put into place the foundations and build upon that. Can’t wait to go through the books to review all the concepts and put them into practice. Top rated course. Erik Van Vliet

Fantastic, fast paced course. Beginning was a little slow for me because of my previous music experience, but understandable.
Completely inspirational in terms of things I would never have thought of trying. I want to go home and completely rearrange my studio set up! Loads to think about. The solid base has given me a way to self motivate for years. Very Happy. Tom Walter

The clearest teaching in this subject I have ever had. Very well structured. Has helped greatly to shed light on and demystify many grey areas. Adam Davy

First of all I would like to say a big thanks to Mat for spending his time in developing such a detailed course, with all his years of expertise in music demonstrated in a great presentation and a great teaching flow. This course is the best I have had since I started producing, the books just look great and feels really inspiring. Thanks. Raphael Kirmayk

I found this weekend course very interesting and inspiring. The way Mat teaches makes every aspect of music easier to understand. The 2 day course and material will certainly help me with my goals in music. Filipe Bastos

Really brilliant stuff. Gave a fresh outlook for me towards music. Stephen McCarthy

Truly inspirational and far too talented! Barry Hoffman

Mat, together with having an extraordinary talent himself, can explain music theory in a way that makes it accessible to even non musicians. Rob Willis

Somewhat as a guru, a philosophical approach to teaching music theory. Alex Sangster

I found his lectures informative and fresh. Not grounded in any particular genre. I feel confident I can apply what I have learnt to my own compositions and productions. Michael Pye

Truly inspirational. That’s about it. Tom Proost

Genuinely inspirational! A simple and straight forward approach to realizing one’s potential in all aspects of music production. Guy Dean

Fascinating lectures that have advanced my music theory knowledge massively over a very short period of time. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to further their music theory knowledge, be them beginners or industry professionals. Ben Oliver

Mat taught me the same amount of information that I had learned in 4 years, in 3 days. He also taught me how to use it in a practical situation, which no-one had ever done before. Sean Keating

Absolutely brilliant! Everything is made simple and delivered with real passion. Tim Wheeler

One of the best teaching methods. Managed to inject brain with 1000 years of music making techniques in several days. Definitely will buy book. Timur Turisbekov

An inspiring teacher who has demystified many aspects of music theory for me. Chris Haines

Mat makes learning music theory a breeze. It was fun, interactive and so easy to figure out. Tom Holdsworth

Really well explained concepts within lectures. All the technical information that was explained was also explained as to how we could apply these techniques within a practical musical environment. Also, inspiring music talent. Emma “TK” Roydon

I especially enjoyed Mat’s unconventional approach to teaching music theory. He can really make it understandable to someone with NO prior knowledge at all. Julian Horn

Course was very beneficial and has a lot of useful information vital for music production. Friendly and very helpful. Thanks for the lectures. Will Harding

Excellent teacher especially on drum programming. Have learnt a lot from Mat ion this class especially on making more “acoustic” sounding music on the computer as this was something that I would struggle with before and has opened the door with what can be made electronically. Dave Evans

I’ve never seen a teacher with so high knowledge and he can play excellent piano. He teach us with the most quick way and he knows how to play all kinds of instruments on keyboards. Christos Tzoumarkiotis

Mat’s teaching method is fantastic! He really knows his stuff and is almost as good a theory teacher as he is a player – his years of experience in the music industry and as a trained musician really shine through. As an ex-teacher myself, his knowledge, creativity and flair have really inspired me – great job Mat and thanks. Irfan Amin

What Mat’s course is all about: an easy way to understand a lot of new things that seem complicated. Eric Najar

In just 4 days I learnt more about music theory than in a whole year of guitar music theory lessons. The approach to drum programming area is also quite revolutionary in the way that it gets you, from the first minute, to actually learn and apply real practical skills to work on your fingering techniques. Renato Martinho

Amazing teacher, puts it as simply as it gets. I feel that I have learnt in a week what it would take years to learn. I came here with no knowledge of music theory at all. Now I think I have some tricks up my sleeve. A one man one keyboard band. Pedro Ribero

I have gained as much confidence with basic music theory in four lectures with Mat than I have previously with full music courses. Very beneficial. Matt Kern

I found Mat’s teachings very clear and I have learnt more than I have on previous courses. Cheers for all the knowledge. Pete Prokopin

I had Mat as a lecturer. He is fantastic and he really knows how to explain music in a very simple way that even a grade 1 child can understand. Christopher Gatt

I’ve learnt a new way teaching the harmony, more easy to understand and faster. It was great. Merci! Nicolas

I’ve learnt a lot from within this last week. I rarely get entertained whilst in a lecture, but Mat delivers literally a superb performance when teaching. The way Mat words things on reading music and his way of simplifying music theory makes it a lot easier for me to understand :-D. Sam Dufosse

A simple clear way of opening up the possibilities of how much fun music can be. Chris Stein

I really enjoyed the lessons. It was really helpful to understand what the mistakes in my music were. Although this was just 4 days, I feel that I have improved a lot. Thank you! James

Excellent music teaching, especially regarding the Drum Programming. Gives hope for the future music world. A creative mind can make a whole world of music. Nitish Pharse

The way Mat talked about music was inspiring. I think he taught me a lot of the words and letters that I need for speaking the music language. I even told my father and the little he understood from that he was very happy to know that I was enjoying all these intensive learning hours. Good luck to you Mat. Manuel Andersson

Mat has got great teaching technique, very well orientated, in my opinion towards improvisation. Everything seems so easy, even with as complex a subject as composition. Looking forward to having more advanced lessons. Luca Romani

I am a student at Alchemea college in Angel and Mat has given us music theory lessons all of this week in 4 x 3 hour lectures. His teaching style is fantastic, his enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject is genuinely second to none. I’ve looked forward to every lecture and Mat has taken so much time to teach his ideas and vast knowledge. His books, I have no doubt, will be equally fascinating and useful for any budding producer or composer. He has a great teaching style which is full of enthusiasm, passion and consideration for the pupil. Nicholas Webster

Creative teaching – never a boring moment – Demonstrations were shown with quality – Highly beneficial – highly experienced – Definitely recommended. Tom S

I’ve attended Mat Mckinley’s course which I enjoyed very much. He’s a great teacher and he makes sure that everybody understands what he explains. I can only recommend him. Stefan Leissner

He knows music and he can teach it so that I can understand it. Mat is a cool teacher!! David Evers

This week I had a couple of lectures with Mat McKinley. We’ve learnt about chords, scales, intervals, keyboard playing techniques etc. Just in three lectures, Mat managed to teach me the basic principles of music. This was totally beneficial because of my lack of music theory knowledge. Ivan Kralev

I enjoyed Mat’s teaching style, everything was explained and demonstrated in a clear fashion and gone over if I didn’t understand it. His diagrams and teaching showed me the versatility of the piano. I’ve learnt a lot in a short space of time. Nick Gladwin

It was an amazing theory lecture for ,music with Mat. I was learning keyboard back in India for 4 years but the 4 lectures with Mat was really very informative and helpful. I am planning to join for private tuition with Mat. He has got an amazing knowledge in music. That was impressive. Good luck. Vinit Gala

Easy understanding, great explanation. Great teacher. Open and broadminded. Music theory in a practical form is hard to understand but after Mat’s explanation, it is really straight forward. Aiman M Yahuhi

Mat should be seen as a major influence to all music schools in terms of teaching methods. Everything he says just flows into your brain; even some advanced techniques that you would think will take years to understand. Personally I’ve tried to keep myself away from music school rules and doing things in a specific way. Mat was a bridge to me, a bridge to improve all the theory and technique while leaving my creativity and musical freedom untouched. Thank you Mat. Mike Costa

As a mature student at Alchemea and having dabbled with guitar and keyboards since the mid seventies, I found Mat’s lessons inspiring and underpinned and gave meaning to a lot of the things I had picked up myself. John Dent

Everything has been amazing. Every time I finish your lecture, I wanna go home and compose something. You made us believe we can do it, if we really believe it. Thank you for everything and if you’re gonna teach music in your own school let me know because later on I want to learn piano and composition. You really can do everything! Bye and thank you. Gianmarco Cucchiara

Mat is a genius. He inspired me to not give up on learning how to play. I have never learned how to play any instrument but this gave me a kick in the right direction. Thank you for the inspiration and good luck in the future. Best regards, Francisco Ulloa

I’ve tried many times to learn about music theory on my own with stuff I found on the internet. Most of the time I couldn’t understand what was going on. After Mat’s lectures I can say I understand more than I could on my own. Mat makes it easy and practical. I also appreciate the psychological side of the lectures which I think are really important. Now I’ve got the basis to keep going on. Thanks Mat, good luck and see you soon hopefully. Pablo Rihon

I have had several lectures with Mat and they were very interesting and inspiring. Mat is an excellent tutor and very dynamic in presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes. Soni Shonibare

I attended Matt McKinley’s lectures at Alchemea College and found them to be thoroughly enjoyable and very informative. The lectures were presented with a high degree of enthusiasm and professionalism and I learned a whole new way of looking at music. Guy Joyner

Mat has literally opened my eyes to a world of compositional and scale based music, all of which was a complete bore before his lectures. Chris Holloway

One of the most interesting classes at Alchemea was the music theory. Being interested in how to compose music, I’ve learned a lot of things from Mat McKinley. He makes things easy to understand and fun. I liked a lot that he also spoke about the psychological part of music – Would be great to have a lot more of his classes. Great Teacher! Matei Mircea

Cheers Mat, unbelievably well taught considering I’m an absolute beginner. Will definitely be purchasing your range of books and look to get 121 teaching with you in the future. Best of luck…… David Goldsmith

Mat is an inspiring teacher with the ability to communicate musical concepts to the beginner and expert with clarity and infectious enthusiasm. Nice one! Alex “Gronk” Mounsey

Mat has an amazing talent for teaching what could be a boring subject in an inspiring fresh new way 10/10. Michael Stringfellow

Extremely helpful lectures; like doing a whole school music course in just a few days. Everything was broken down to its simplest form and made so easy to understand. Inspirational. Alex Constantinou

Very inspirational lectures. Ben Holmes

I really enjoyed the lectures with Mat. The style of teaching is really simplified and he makes the topics a lot more interesting to understand. Had an excellent time learning. Ajinkya Patil

Although having a minor in music, the courses have been very helpful in refreshing previous knowledge and in strengthening basic understanding. Clearly the teacher has an extensive knowledge and well thought out plan in his teaching method. Daniel Taborga

Mat is a fantastic teacher – inspiring and professional. His techniques are different and better than anything I have come across before and it’s been a great experience having him as a teacher. David Royse

Very engaging in lectures and has a lot of knowledge when answering questions from students. Have honestly learnt more theory in the last 3 days than the last 3 years of music technology at my previous college. Jack Powell

I have learnt more in the past 2 days than I have in the last 4 years in school. I feel really inspired. I can go out there and create music from having no musical experience before. Vibrant and exciting to say the least! Andy Shepherd

Extremely Inspiring! Opened my mind to a new way of thinking about music theory and composition. Matthew Doughty

Very interesting lectures. I learnt more about music theory in 4 lectures than I did in 2 years of A level music tech. I enjoyed it very much. William Riddell

Inspiring, Original and Brilliant. Mat’s obvious skill on the keyboard translates to his teaching and I have yet to meet a student that hasn’t loved his lectures. Adam Bennett

I quit piano lessons 15 years ago because it was far too structured and was a process of jumping through hoops. Mat’s focus, in the lessons I have had with him so far, has  focused more on the creative side  and the enjoyable aspects of music which in my eyes makes learning easier. If I had Mat as my teacher back then, there’s no doubt I would have carried on. He tries to make you think in different ways whilst still establishing a good grounding in the theory behind it. Very good teacher and very experienced, thanks. James McNeill

Very much enjoyed the classes as was a different approach to classical theory – much easier to grasp than traditional methods. Drum programming techniques also inspiring. Demonstrated the creative opportunities available solely with a keyboard. Jaya Shakira

It’s a really interesting and unique way of approaching music. Makes it easier to understand things that usually take more time. Helps your creativity flow. Sebastian Acosta

I had 3 music lessons with Mat. I found the lessons both informative and engaging. Raffy Bushman

Mat has a unique way of teaching music theory which is interesting and enjoyable. Having never played the keys before, understanding chords and scales has never been easier. Steven Peck

I really enjoy in every lecture that we had. It is very interesting and very different from anything I have ever heard. Time passed so quickly because it was never boring. English is not my first language, but if I don’t understand something it will be a pleasure to repeat it again 🙂 These lectures really inspired me and stimulated my imagination. Always unique 🙂 Milica Sucevic