What People Are Saying about 121 Coaching

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I have been working with Mat for a few months now and have seen a marked increase in both my musicality and creativity. Mat has helped to “unblock” not only my perceptions of what I can achieve musically, but also lift some psychological barriers to musical expression. Anyone who is interested in improvisation, enhancing their skills as a composer, or just having more fun making music should seriously consider working with him. What Mat offers is a world away from traditional music teaching and the amateurish world of online tutorials, and many times more useful and interesting. Phil Lewis (Hotwired Freeform)

I have never had a real musical training, and I always wanted to be able to put my beat/song together, but expressing myself through music was a real struggle…. till I met Mat!
Mat gave me the foundations to understand music, on a compositional and psychological level, keeping me very motivated all the time.

I could not believe what I had achieved and the short amount of time it took to do it. Once you get started, it only takes good effort and discipline, as everything else in life! Rodrigo Ratazzi (Free form 121)

Got a lot out the day and was impressed with the material and presentation. Great reference tool. Paul Donnellan (Hotwired 100)

Hi Mat it’s Daniel. I had a 121 session with you just under a month ago, and I just have to say thanks again!
Since our session, I’ve applied myself to the production packs quite vigorously and I’m just amazed at how much better I’ve gotten at playing music. The amount of chord progressions and phrases/voicings I’ve come up with in this past month is quite unbelievable and I’ve only made it through the first pack!
I’m very enthusiastic about what the future holds for myself in terms of music and I would like to use this opportunity to massively thank you again. All the best, Daniel Ambrose (Hotwired 100)

Thanks for the lessons I have had, they really were world class. Culum (Free form 121)

A brilliant 2 day session. Wow. I cannot believe how I have felt over the last week since doing the course. I’m so “Up”, it’s absolutely amazing. The books too are fab; have flicked through through Pack 1, which from the brief view I have had, looks very interesting. Pack 2 looks fascinating but a bit daunting – I’m not ready for that yet – just as you said. Thank you so much. Best, Dave Westwood (Hotwired 200)

Thank you for the brilliant lessons Mat. I have learned and improved so much over the last few months. You have managed to motivate me where other teachers haven’t been able to. Your methods really work. Inspirational. X  Sarah P (Hotwired Free form 121)

Mat, thank you so much again for the amazing lessons. I am still so inspired and motivated. I feel I am running down the path of learning – an amazing feeling considering all of the problems I had before I came to you. I promise to keep going. Warmest of regards, Mike Roth-Hayward (Hotwired Free form 121)

Absolutely awesome dude 🙂 I’m exhausted and invigorated at the same time. The plan you have drawn up for me is just what is needed. Can’t wait to get stuck in. Cheers buddy. Toby (Hotwired 200)

Hi Mat. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and a huge thank you for going the extra mile to really help me banish all of the negativity that has surrounded my previous musical endeavours. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and for that I shall forever be in your debt. It’s unbelievable how you have made the theoretical aspects so crystal clear – I am now astounded by how simple music can be, if you just “allow it to be so”. Truly amazing stuff. Many, many thanks. Harry Goulding (Hotwired 15)

Mat, you are a M.O.N.S.T.E.R.  I am so, so inspired……. J P Henderson (Hotwired 100)

Mat’s lessons have given me great insight and opened my eyes (and ears) to the many varied ways of creating and experiencing music. Thanks to him I have come a long way in terms of playing style, and taken my first steps into the world of composing. My first piece impressed many of my friends and family, and I’ve no doubt this is largely due to Mat’s guidance and advice to set me on the right path. Kevin Haines (Hotwired Free form 121)

I initially signed up with Mat for the 15 lesson package, I loved it so much I hired (if that’s the right word) him as my mentor on a regular basis – He really is that good. What he explains about how one relates to music in both the listening and creative aspects can be applied to everything in life. I come away after every session feeling invigorated, inspired and ready to tackle whatever lies in front of me, including my work (running a company of over 150 employees). I have paid a lot of money in the past for top business mentors and Mat is right up there with them all in terms of what he gives you psychologically and in real-world understanding of where you are now, and what is possible to achieve in the future. He rapidly increased my understanding of how I should be approaching composition; I was previously too focused on buying technology thinking this would improve my creative ability – I was wrong. It was only when I met Mat that I realised what I could really achieve and am now well on the road to achieving it. I cannot recommend Mat highly enough. If you are passionate about creating your own music, playing better keys and bettering your whole outlook towards life, Mat is your man. Zac Ackerman (Hotwired 15 and Hotwired Free form 121)

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed yesterday. I have been walking past the piano guessing notes correctly and finding something meaningful messing around with the Dorian scale. Mind-blowing and I just feel I have so much to learn. Thanks for opening my ears 🙂 Yvonne Craig (Hotwired 100)

The most interesting aspect of Mat’s teaching ability is that it somehow awakens a deep seated reasoning within. I had always thought that I was rubbish at music. I had tried piano lessons when I was younger and gave up after a year as I wasn’t progressing. I seriously thought I had no talent. Fast forward 25 years and a chance meeting with Mat McKinley leads me to toy with the notion that it’s never too late to try again. I’m just so glad I met Mat as he has literally opened up a whole new world in front of me, one that he told me was already there, but I just never realised that it existed. This all sounds a bit airy fairy but, rest assured, airy fairy it most certainly isn’t. In practically no time at all, I was playing the piano again with the confidence to improvise and starting writing my own tunes. Amazing.

If I was a politician I would pass a bill that would make it mandatory for everyone to have at least a few sessions with Mat. As a successful business analyst, I am very reserved when handing out praise, but I will say this, thanks to Mat I am seriously working towards giving up my current career, one for which I have worked my socks off, to perhaps forge a new one in songwriting. He has had a life changing affect on me. I feel excited again – I had forgotten what that felt like. For this feeling alone, if nothing ever comes of it, it’s worth the money and the practice (which I must say is really good fun). Nolan Rutherford (Hotwired Free form 121)


As a managing director of an international asset management company, I was extremely impressed by how Mat portrayed the parallels in both business and music growth. As someone who values consultancy as a means of reality checking and motivational insight, I am more than happy to continue having Mat as my music coach and adviser. I have come on in leaps and bounds in a much shorter period of time than I could have possibly imagined. I originally signed up for Hotwired 8, but as I value Mat’s great coaching skills, I am continuing having 121’s on a regular basis. I hasten to add that I have no intention of swapping my day job, I am indulging a childhood fantasy which I regret giving up due to study and work, but the joy I have now in making music is fantastic. B.G (Hotwired 8, Free form 121)