What People Are Saying about the HMPP

Despite playing drums in a band when I was in my early 20’s, it wasn’t until my mid 30’s that I decided to try and produce music myself.  I love electronic music so that was my chosen genre. I got myself a decent laptop, a sequencer, MIDI keyboard and some monitors and got stuck in.

However, I realised very quickly that I hadn’t got a clue how to actually make music. I set about researching how I could best go about learning this vast, vast subject and my extensive search led me to Mat McKinley’s Hotwired music course.The course consists of eight books dealing with every aspect of music imaginable, from programming drums and bass to scales, harmony, composition and improvisation.

When I began working my way though the books I had no idea what a scale was or what harmony was or how chords were constructed, but I was amazed at how quickly I learnt to employ Mat’s techniques to create my own music. Now, the eight books sit at arms reach on the desk in my personal studio. I refer to them constantly, especially when I get stuck for ideas. Mat has devised lots of little techniques to help you kick-start an idea as well as develop it into a fully fleshed out piece of music.

Mat is gifted when it comes to explaining musical concepts in an easy to understand manner. This really helps to get you going very quickly without getting too bogged down in theory. However, the theory is there and dealt with in digestible chunks when you feel the need to tackle it.Music is such a vast topic, but with Mat’s Hotwired course books to guide you, you will find yourself having lots of light bulb moments as you turn the ideas in your head into great music. The Hotwired books are suitable for musicians/producers of all skill levels from beginner to advanced. I can’t recommend Mat’s books highly enough if you want to learn how to compose your own music or perfect the compositional techniques you already possess. Adam Dearing

I am finding the reading very intuitive, and the wording does make you want to read further, which is great as most books on music etc can be very dry and feel more like you are reading a manual. Thanks again. Mike Millington

I purchased the Hotwired Music Production Pack and have found it very refreshing in that you are not constrained to a single approach to learning the craft of music. The necessary information sticks and the pack makes for a good refresher as well. Sean O’Connor

Hi Matt, Listen I want to thank you for creating those books, they are an amazing collection, I sadly have only got the chance to start on the first book about scales, but you make the hard parts easy!! I am just so happy I have these book for life!!
(sent months later in a separate email) I am still using your books as reference and can’t see myself leaving them out of my site!
Thanks once again. Jason Smith

Hi Mat, I just wanted to say that the books are amazing. I have been working my through following the guide and I have to say that I never thought learning music would be so much fun. The difficult stuff is explained really well. Well done 🙂 Thanks VM. Rachael Rodriguez

It’s now three months since I have had the books. I am really chuffed with my progress. They are so well written and everything is very straight forward (so far). One Happy Bunny! Elaine Barker

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the fact it must have taken you such a long time to write these fabulous books. I absolutely love the Smoothies section of the Improvisation book, as it has enabled me to put some great musical lines together. Loved the Relatives book too. Great stuff Mat. Cheers  B Westley

The programming book is gr8, I used the funky cheat sheet a good few times!!! been religiously reading them… i never thought i’d be able to sit and understand music in such an enjoyable way… Michael Delaney

Brilliant books by the way, always using them and referring to them! Aiden O’Malley

I’ve applied myself to the production packs quite vigorously and I’m just amazed at how much better I’ve gotten at playing music. The amount of chord progressions and phrases/voicings I’ve come up with in this past month is quite unbelievable and I’ve only made it through the first pack!
I’m very enthusiastic about what the future holds for myself in terms of music and I would like to use this opportunity to massively thank you again. All the best, Daniel Ambrose

Fantastic book pack Mat. Amazing reading and I have found the tests very helpful to gauge progress before moving on. The Relatives book is a Revelation….. Thanks so much for all of your help. Jack P

BTW, just working through the chapter on Tone Zones. Absolutely Brilliant. So much fun picking out keys that I’d never even think of linking and plotting modulation paths. Love it. Thanks again for sharing the knowledge. A.D