Our Aim

We realise that there are many people out there who have a keen interest in music and who do not have the time, or interest, to enrol on full-time or even part-time music courses. Hotwired offers some great music learning alternatives.

People wanting to learn music will generally fall into one of three categories.

1. Those wanting to pursue a full time career in music (professional)

2. Those who are looking to fulfil a part time music role (semi-professional)
3. Those who have a keen interest in music as a hobbyist

Whichever category you fall into, Hotwired has a great course lined up for you!


Hotwired has an absolute passion for enabling creativity and uses both divergent and convergent thinking in relation to music learning.

Even though we are proud of our commitment to providing exhilarating experiences, high levels of expertise and professionalism, we are always looking to innovate and discover new and exciting methodology. We want to be one step ahead in terms of what we offer and the services we set out to give. 

Our Belief

We believe that everyone has a latent ability for music, as natural an ability as we have for language. Somewhere down the line, learning music has become something to be feared – we have been led to believe that it is hard and only for those who have a strong talent. Yet in our earliest existence, musical/rhythmical performance was an important and very natural ritual in life that everyone participated in, and in some cultures they still do. Yet for most people, especially in the west, their relationship with music only comes courtesy of some headphones and a mobile phone. Music really should be more than just that.

The beneficial properties of music are intensified when we become part of its organic process i.e. performing it, or creating it. That is why Hotwired have created short music courses that are designed to be incredible experiences in terms of how they demonstrate the wonderful and positive effect of learning an instrument and of learning to express your inner voice through music performance, composition and improvisation – to learn to stop DOING music and BECOME the music. As “airy-fairy” as that may sound, all of Hotwired’s courses are laced with solid science, proven psychology, unique cognitive learning devices, fun challenges and innovative stimulating presentation.

Our Products

We also produce our own learning materials which are printed and bound “in-house” by hand which gives each pack a personal touch. 

As self-publishers, we have been able to choose eco-friendly printing machines and ink products to ensure we are doing as much as possible to be an environmentally friendly organisation. See the Hotwired Music Production Pack.

We Aim To Please

After 19 years of teaching groups and individuals for both Alchemea College and Hotwired, and from all corners of the globe, Mat McKinley’s innovative techniques have gained many plaudits from his students, from beginners through to advanced players alike.
Click here to see some of the comments!

“Two Words: Musical Genius. After all of my years studying at one of Europe’s top musical colleges, Mat by far, has made the most lasting impression on me. His teaching methods are AMAZING. This guy has definitely got the gift. Having composed, programmed and performed on many hits, you couldn’t get anyone better!”Chris Demetriou - Royal Northern College of Music
“Mat has been teaching at Alchemea College of Audio Engineering in London for 18 years as a freelancer and every time he teaches a new class, the students come out of his lectures exhilarated and enlightened. Without fail, they comment on Mat’s “Godlike” musical skills and keyboard abilities, as well as (more seriously) his teaching methods. He is probably the best teacher we have here. He is friendly, relaxed and very funny!
His method is unique among all of the music teachers I’ve encountered and he manages to motivate our students, who study mainly the engineering side of music production, with ease. Considering some of them have never studied music or have been disappointed or “turned off” by previous music lessons and teachers, this is no small feat!
Mat is brilliant and he has put down his unique method for the benefit of all in a friendly format, The Hotwired Experiences, full of interactive goodies. I’m sure everyone can benefit from these, whether you are an amateur musician looking to further your skills or an experienced musician looking to broaden your musical palette, or an engineer wanting to learn the ropes”.Christian Huant - Course Leader BA (Hons) Music Production at BIMM London - ex Principal of Alchemea College of Audio Engineering

Hotwired delivers a choice of exciting music coaching experiences and learning activities


1. Hotwired Foundations Experience1 day Group Experience

2. Hotwired Concepts Experience2 day Group Experience

3. Hotwired CMP Experience2 day Group Experience

4. Hotwired Improvisation3 hour Group Workshop

5. Hotwired Arrangement3 hour Group Workshop

6. Hotwired Drum Programming3 hour Group Workshop

7. Hotwired 8 8 session One 2 One coaching course

8. Hotwired 1515 session One 2 One coaching course

9. Hotwired 100 Intensive 1 day One 2 One coaching (includes Hotwired Music Production Pack)

10. Hotwired 200Intensive 2 day One 2 One coaching (includes Hotwired Music Production Pack)

11. Hotwired FreeformOngoing One 2 One coaching

12. Hotwired Music Production Pack an amazing learning resource of musical “know how”

Also see the “About” page for some background on Mat McKinley.
Different Blog titles will also provide further reading of Mat’s philosophy and outlook on music.