A Musical Service!

Hotwired Workshops are actually a cross between a workshop and a master class. Each class offers a “quick to get started, simple to use, see fast results” programme that generates inspiring learning in a short pocket of time – as with all other Hotwired experiences.

There are opportunities of discussion and interaction as with a workshop, but the pace and presentation relates more to a master class.

“I have learnt more in 3 hours than I have during 6 months of trawling the internet – Highly recommended.”.Si Ravelli

Top up your creativity with an Exciting and Dynamic Hotwired Workshop

There are three specialist workshops available: Arrangement. Drum Programming and Improvisation

Fun, easy going and highly informative.


Learn how to musically play with colour - from intense primary hues to coordinated pastel shades.


If you can speak, you can improvise. Learn how to be spontaneous on your instrument.

Drum Programming

The ultimate creative rhythm trainer. Learn how to create super cool beats.